Mar 172013

Regaining arm mobility after stroke can be one of the greatest hurdles in stroke recovery. Now with Myomo, a personal robotics device, post stroke arm recove…

Mar 172013

ReoTherapy – ReoGo by Motorika – Robotic Rehabilitation treatment for stroke Innovative robotic system for rehabilitation of stroke, brain injury and other i…

Mar 172013

Team 24’s entry for the 2011-2012 VEX Online Autodesk Inventor Challenge. I do not own the rights to the music, and give full credit to LilGottem for their s…

Aug 102012

article by Ed Koeneman


Ed Koeneman is COO and co-founder of Kinetic Muscles (KMI). RMI is a leading provider of products for the recovery after stroke. For more information about The Hand Mentor (TM), the foot Mentor (TM) and other robotic therapy devices, visit http :/ / / index.html .
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